A company

A Ecomaster Comercio Import Export Ltda, It is a Brazilian company with plants in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, geared to meet the needs of the plastic industry.

When the customer requires agility, quality and repeatability in the development of their colors, he seeks credibility. All this he finds in Ecomaster.

Colors are our inspiration to convey joy, happiness, representativeness, and stir the emotions and the senses.

By understanding this, do the best for our customers in order for them to show the world the beauty and wonder of colors in their products.

Adapting the needs of customers and the mindset for technology and evolution, we are constantly developing creative solutions.

Increasingly investing in our quality control, with ISO 9001 and meeting the standards ROHS & REACH, we are prepared and production capacity to meet the requirements of each of our clients.

Our masterbatch is produced with selected raw materials, thus being able to meet the requirements for each customer. Our expert technical team able to develop solutions that meet the various processes and markets.

The masterbatch line Ecomaster is complete, especially developed for applications in various resin (PEBD, HAVE TO, PP, PS, ABS, etc).

Meet our key products:

our Pillars

With a mission to become a leader in quality in the manufacture of masterbatch, modified fillers and additives, the Ecomaster is a company that produces and develops solutions.

With plants in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, It has capacity for 2 THOUSAND TONS per month Masterbatches White, black, colored, Special compounds and additives.

It has laboratory analysis that guarantees the quality of its products, It is certified by the newest version of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015

For personalized service, It has representatives throughout the country.