The ECON Ecomaster compounds are developed for various applications, produced with calcium carbonate or talc for the automotive market, raffia, furniture, decorative items, general packaging or applications where the use of these minerals is necessary.
They are produced for use in various resins such as (ON, PP, PS, ABS e EVA) and it can also be developed according to the needs of each client.


– Econ L.

– Econ B2, B4 e B19.

– Econ HK.

– Econ PL1.

– Econ PP.

– Econ P4.

– Econ PS.

Econ line:

They are composed of calcium carbonate that served to LLDPE, when used in mixtures with PE, brings significant cost reduction without loss of mechanical properties. Another difference is that our material is environmentally friendly, fundamental requirement of sustainability to which your company can also rely to present your final product.

The characteristics of our products are fully differentiated from other cargoes sold in the market:
- Produced with whiter and clean carbonates, with impurities content below 2%;
- Treaties to not be abrasive and does not retain moisture;
- Due to the homogeneity of the pellets in size, can add greater mixture of compound, it can also be applied in low film thicknesses;
- are non-toxic and completely recyclable products;
- It has better tear resistance and impact;
- increases the thermal conductivity, leaving faster cycles (process temperature for less);
- Improve significantly the impression of the film due to increased surface roughness;
- Containing calcium carbonate thinner and clean. Its use may exceed the 30% of use;


To choose the compound that meets the specific needs of your product, contact our team Commercial.