We believe that only talking is not enough, therefore, we intend to show in all our care to ensure the quality of our products and services, to meet the domestic and international markets.

Our line White masterbatches They were developed to meet the different types of application of resins: PEBD, HAVE TO, PP, PS, ABS, EVA, PET, etc.

markets e processes with White masterbatches:

    extrusion balloon, flat coextrusion, injection, puff, termoformagem, raffia, etc.

    extrusion balloon, flat coextrusion, puff,injection, monofilamentos, raffia, etc.

  • Electronics and AUTOMOTIVE:
    Injection, extrusion and flat balloon, coating wire and cable, monofilamentos, etc.

    Injection, termoformagem, blow molding and extrusion generally.

    Injection, extrusion profile, extrusion tubes, coating wire and cable, rotomoldagem, etc.

    If you want to further improve the performance of your product, indicated match our Eco additives.